The First Tid Bit of the Whirlpool

6:15pm Thought to myself ” What if this bullshizzz of how you view yourself and present yourself to the world has either a negative or positive effect to your life…”

Today, for instance I had a job interview at 3:15 guessing about fifteen minutes from my house. Got off work at 12:30, doctor appointment 1:30, didn’t get into my evaluation room til 1:55, nursing students came in at 2:10, nursing students left knowing I’m in a rush and came back at 2:23 with the doc. Discussed issues with doc and came to a conclusion at 2:35. Now know that in my head all hell is breaking loose because I might miss this VERY IMPORTANT interview that could have a huge positive impact on my life. (which to be honest right now…I need all the positiveness I can get). ¬†Perfect, I’m in my car getting ready to drive home with my sunshades still up in my car(hence my anxiety problem) at 2:47. Get home and changed and back out the door at 3:01. As I’m getting on the freeway all I can think about is 3:01 +15min=3:16pm!! Very well could be one of the biggest interviews in my life and I’m going to be a minute late. Perfect way to start this job out. Getting off freeway and every red light I’m slowly applying the steps of “grown up” make-up. First, foundation. Second, masacra. Third, eye-liner. Fourth, shoot I’m pulling into the address of my interview, I’ll just throw my reader glasses on and be partly blind through the interview but I will look professional, classy but most of all be selling myself. Skip all the boring interview stuff. The manager offered me the job right then and there. Start in three days and I’ve got an incredible feeling about this move in life! SO, is it true? The way you present yourself and perceive yourself help cast a negative/positve outlook on life?

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